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Sushi Bar

Hello, I am Mr. Kim, the chef and owner of Nakamura Sushi & Korean Cuisine. San Angelo, TX is the home of Goodfellow AFB for both many servicemen, their families, and retirees.

San Angelo is also a place where people like to enjoy a lot of good and different foods. While living here for the past 13 years, I have wanted to give people in San Angelo the taste of traditional Korean food and Japanese Sushi.

I did a lot of research and decided to take over the Nakamura Sushi House in September 2009. I then changed the menu, to include both Korean and Japanese food, and renamed the restaurant Nakamura Sushi & Korean Cuisine.

Every morning I prepare homemade sauce and buy fresh vegetables, and every week delicious fish is shipped to my restaurant from Dallas.

All of our staff bow to each customer as a sign of respect that is found in Eastern culture. This small act ensures that each guest not only is exposed to delicious food, but also is able to experience part of my culture.

My staff and I will ensure that each customer who comes to my restaurant will experience Little Korea and Little Japan in San Angelo. I will try really hard to make it the greatest place in San Angelo.